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Looking Both Ways: Backwards and ForwardSat, January 5

2018 was probably the most eventful year of my life. It didn’t start out so well as I was pretty sick from liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, but it all turned around starting with St Patrick’s day when I got the call to come in for a liver transplant. With the transplant behind me I returned home on March 25 and the year started an upward trend (we’ll forget about the stock market) that hopefully will carry over into 2019.

My highlights for 2018:

  • March: Liver transplant
  • August: Decide, with Betsy, to form a non-profit corporation with a mission of increasing public awareness of nonalcoholic liver disease
  • August: Develop website for NASH EDUCATION Corporation
  • September: Receive IRS approval for tax exempt status
  • September: Develop and print brochure for the purpose of increasing awareness
  • September: Attend Global Liver Institute Advocacy training in Washington, DC
  • September: Sidney Crosby delivers my Penguins season tickets and plays hockey in the driveway with the grandkids
  • November: Participate in Intercept Pharma’s patient panel in San Francisco
  • November: Receive a very generous donation from a dear friend for the purpose of producing a documentary
  • December: Develop more materials for increasing awareness (all contained in the resources section of the website
  • December: Revamped website

Quite the year, which included many trips to the local casino (no, not with the foundation’s money)

We have lots planned for 2019 including:

  • Start filming the documentary and complete it by April
  • Hopefully, have a billboard up to increase public awareness
  • Establish partnerships to “spread the word” – – this was the only real disappointment for 2018. We pursued a number of partnerships but none came to fruition. We intend to remedy that in 2019
  • Attend health fairs and other events where we can spread the word
  • Stay healthy and be very nice to my liver