“A Video Every American Needs To Watch”

Me and Covid-19Wed, March 25

Like many, if not most, people my life has been disrupted by Covid-19, affecting both my personal life and the business of NASH kNOWledge.

On a personal level, I am confined to quarters as I am old and have a compromised immune system, due to taking anti-rejection drugs resulting from my liver transplant in 2018. I have spend the last 11 days wearing nothing but sweatpants and sweatshirts and spending  a lot of time watching task force updates and Netflix. We are currently hooked on “Republic of Doyle”, an offbeat detective show filmed mostly in Newfoundland. The biggest impact is having to stay away from the grandkids,

Regarding NASH kNOWledge, recent events have caused the cancellation of a number of meetings that were important to us, a few health fairs where we would have been increasing the awareness of NAFLD and NASH and introducing our children’s education program and three showings of our documentary, “The Silent Epidemic: the liver disease NASH”. There is nothing much we can do regarding the meetings and health fairs until this pandemic is behind us, but we are making our documentary available for viewing. If you haven’t seen it, the documentary is 27 minutes long and can be viewed at www.nash-now.org/video. Please pass the link along to anyone you think might be interested. Please keep it off of  youtube. though