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The New Mixed Marriages in PittsburghMon, March 11

As I was sitting in an excellent liver cancer conference on Saturday morning, I noticed that among the lead participants were a husband and wife, one of whom worked for UPMC and the other for the Allegheny Health Network. Anyone living in Pittsburgh is probably well aware of the ongoing dispute between UPMC and Highmark (Allegheny Health Network’s parent) largely related to the terms under which those insured by Highmark can use UPMC doctors or facilities. Thus, the term “mixed marriage” to describe such a marital situation. Despite this dispute I have noticed a number of marriages between medical personnel that cross the UPMC/Highmark line. The collegiality of doctors on both sides of this divide is also very noticeable. I’ve been told by more than one doctor that they sometimes recommend doctors on “the other side of the aisle”. Gee, they’re acting like professionals who actually care about their patients. If only their parent companies would take note of their example.