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Lots to be Thankful ForThu, November 21

Sometimes on Thanksgiving I really don’t think about what a good life I have had and how thankful I should be. I’m more focused on the food and all the hoopla surrounding the meal. My go-to favorite is a turkey and meatball sandwich…it kind of captures everything. In the old days, it was trying to time the meal with the Packers/Lions game. I got in big trouble the year the Steelers played the Lions on Thanksgiving. I insisted that meal time be geared to the halftime break. Not very well received.

This year will be quite different. I have so much to be thankful that it will be hard to contain my emotions. I’m just hoping we don’t go around the table and ask everyone what they’re thankful for this year. The meal may be cold before I finish.

My list of things always starts with my family. Wife, kids, grandkids, in-laws all get a mention. This year, though, I have to think first about how thankful I was to get a liver. Around this time last year I wasn’t sure I would make another Thanksgiving, but here I am. My wife, my caregiver, my angel on earth is in line for lots of thanks. I wouldn’t be here without her. My kids, their spouses and grandkids gave me something to live for and they’ll never understand how much they lifted my spirits in the middle of all this. It also seems like I’ve been a much luckier person since the transplant. Better outcomes at the casino, a home visit by Sidney Crosby, just lots of good fortune. I think this will be my #1 Thanksgiving of all time.

Here’s hoping you have a happy day as well. Happy Thanksgiving