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Just Cut the CrapSat, November 30

I am far from a go to guy when it comes to diet. Diet was my biggest challenge during my journey through liver disease and it remains the case post-transplant. I like to eat and I love me some Italian food…old habits are hard to break. I haven’t tried the keto diet or milk thistle or whatever else many people recommend. Those things to work well for many people so I’m not knocking them. But my approach with admittedly limited success, has always been more simple…cut back on portion size and try to stay away from sugary stuff that tastes so good.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss diet, and many other subjects, with a fatty liver specialist at UPMC here in Pittsburgh. One thing he told me I found fascinating was that losing 10% of your body weight, regardless of your actual weight, was the best thing you can in fighting and reversing liver disease.

I also discussed with him whether the more esoteric diets were the preferred way to go in losing weight. I was encouraged to hear him say that diet advice can be pretty simple.

Just cut the CRAP. CRAP being:

  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Refined Sugar
  • Artificial Flavorings and Alcohol
  • Processed Foods

This acronym did not originate with him and, at this point, the identity of the originator is buried deep in internet history. But this acronym just struck a chord with me, and appealed to my sophomoric sense of humor (He said CRAP..snicker snicker). It’s also very easy to remember and is my new diet mantra.